We are the perfect solution for a gradual transition from prison, jail or treatment to clean & sober living with our unique housing.  Mack House offers a structured living environment.  We provide resources that will empower you to get the life you deserve.  We want you to be PROUD of where you live, your housemates, and yourself.  Being surrounded with people that are positive, supportive, and working hard to achieve many of the same goals, makes recovery fun and successful.  It is our goal to make all of this possible for you.

    The difference between Mack House and other clean & sober housing is the belief that true rehabilitation and the joy that accompanies it can only be realized thru Jesus Christ.  Residents are encouraged to spend time in their bibles and to pray.  Residents are required to attend our Sunday morning church service and our Christ centered Successful Living Class on Wednesday evenings.  Visitors are always welcome as long as you are 18 yrs of age or older.

Sober Living Houses:
    Our Sober Living Housing Program is about teaching men to walk in the ways of God, creating a relationship with God our Father, and God the Son, Jesus Christ, and God the Holy Ghost, thus bringing about healthy successful living.

    We provide a gradual transition into a productive sober rehabilitative lifestyle that balances the mind, body, and spirit while promoting mental, emotional and behavioral changes.  Sharing responsibilities, experience, strength, and hope with others who are walking the same path to transitional living and recovery provides a powerful support structure with God's help.  This relationship is a crucial component of the process of solidifying gains made by individuals while increasing self-esteem and accountability in a period that vulnerability to relapse is traditionally highest.

    You don't have to be a Christian to come to live in the Mack House, but you will be required to act as though you are one, and you can be sure that we will be praying for you to live a clean, sober, rehabilitated lifestyle thriving with Jesus Christ as the center of your life.

    We help our residents live in the present while making resources available to mend the past with support and structure to achieve long-term recovery and success in the future.  Mack House of Western Washington’s resources is a fresh start towards self-sufficiency.  Our transition prepares residents for the return to a substance free lifestyle on their own, realizing their dreams and rebuilding their life.

Drug Testing:
  Members must also submit to random drug testing.  If a member of the Mack House, for whatever reason refuses to submit to drug testing, they will be dismissed from our facility immediately.  If a screening is positive for any substance, all efforts are made to directly transition a member back to their original treatment center or to a detoxification facility.  We have a zero tolerance policy and will not compromise the safety of Mack House Resources or Residents at any time.

Successful Living Meetings:
    Whether you have been a part of recovery in the past, are coming directly from prison, jail, treatment, or simply embarking on this journey for the first time, our resources, activities, amenities, solutions, and qualified support was created for YOU.  We feel they are the best you will find in any sober living community.

Relapse Prevention:
    Our staff is acutely aware that the first 30-90 days of sobriety are some of the most difficult times in recovery.  Research shows that relapse rates are highest in the first year.  Mack House of Western Washington offers a variety of SOLUTIONS to improve these results.  Our experiences in the industry have made it possible to model and integrate aspects of relapse prevention in daily living.  Our staff and community provide the guidance needed to practice a relapse prevention plan in a setting outside of treatment.


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